Lazy Weekend Mornings

Lazy Weekend Mornings

Treated myself to a cozy, lazy breakfast in bed this weekend.


Wooden breakfast tray in bed with mug of coffee, dish of jam, and plate with toast. Very cozy feeling.


And when I got up for a sec, I had to reclaim my spot from The Majestic Chimi. She's a soft, snuggly floof but with absolutely no spacial awareness. All she cared about was a window through which to chirp at the birdies.


Breakfast tray and book in bed with grey cat looking out the window.


I'm in love with my Sunset colorway right now. The bright splash of color is reminding me that spring is on the way. On this tray I have a 12oz Mug, Ring Dish, and Lunch Plate all in Sunset color. Plates are new, and I'm happy to make them for you but they're not in the online shop yet. Email me if you're interested!


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