Hand Made Porcelain Pottery

My work is a combination of two things: my belief that useful everyday objects should be thoughtfully designed and pleasing to use, and my personal love of working in clay. My major goal is to offer an alternative to mass-produced everyday things. My aesthetic is minimalist and modern. I believe that a well-designed object has its own inherent beauty. I find peace and satisfaction in creating unembellished, simple forms.

Porcelain has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Because the particles in porcelain clay are smaller, the clay is more flexible, and easy to push too far. Throwing identical, thin walled porcelain vessels, therefore, requires a deft and skilled hand. I find it well worth the extra effort for its smooth, bright surface and translucency. It's a joy to work with this precious material every day.

  • Art Deco

    My drive to create is almost entire process-based, and most of my inspiration comes from architectural styles. My recent Art Deco work is a marriage of those two things: my love of the process of throwing pots on the wheel, followed by my favorite decorating techniques (silk screen and slip inlay) all inspired by the opulence and geometry of the Art Deco design period from the 1920s.

  • Line & Color Block

    The Line & Color Block collection is all about clean, simple form with minimal embellishment. Throwing identical pieces for dinnerware sets requires a practiced hand, and I am particularly proud of these pieces where my skill is evident in the simple forms with no embellishment to hide behind.

  • Black, White & Copper

    Early each fall, I indulge in one of my favorite studio traditions: creating a unique and limited body of work for halloween using only black slip and copper luster. This 2022 collection is entirely sold out except for a few vases available at Good Earth Pottery in Bellingham.