I Used to Be An Interior Designer ...

I Used to Be An Interior Designer ...

... but when I was getting my degree, I had an instructor say to me "I bet you'll find a way to combine your passion for interior design and clay." And I think I've finally found a way to do that.

Me pouring coffee into my grey mug inside a white cottage with vases on the mantle in the background.

When I started making pots, I immediately knew I wanted to make simple dinnerware. Nothing you'd consider "fine art". Definitely functional pottery. But it took me a long time to convince myself this was a worthwhile pursuit. 

You see, when I sit down to throw a batch of vases or cups, I feel deeply peaceful. And I want the things I make to cary that peace out into the wider world, and eventually into your home.

I think I've figured out how to do that. It took me a minute to give myself permission to make "simple" pottery, but I think that simplicity is an essential component in peaceful pottery and interior spaces. This image was taken in the Edit Cabin at the Captain Whidbey Inn. That space is so calming and lovely, and it was the perfect atmosphere to photograph my pots in.

I hope you've been able to style your home so lifts your mood, grounds you, and makes you feel safe. I think making both pottery and spaces that feel that way is a noble pursuit.

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