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Briggs Shore Ceramics

Ajna - Third Eye Chakra Soy Candle

Ajna - Third Eye Chakra Soy Candle

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Clarity • Imagination • Wisdom

Your custom Third (Ajna) Eye Chakra candle has been created to manifest clarity, imagination, & wisdom. Soy wax has been scented with Fir Balsam and topped with a Clear Quartz crystal. Your vessel has been wrapped with a wildflower seed infused dust cover with a specific Third Eye Chakra mantra useful during meditation practices.

Clear Quartz - This “master healer” is all about spiritual growth, it loves enticing you to look deep and brings clarity to matters you are seeking in life. The clear-eyed stone is also said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it.

Product Details:
  • Fragrance Notes: Lemon Peel, Cypress, Cedar, & Evergreen
  • Wax Type: 100% USA Grown Soy Wax, Paraffin-Free
  • Fragrance Oil: 100% Phthalate-Free, No Carcinogens & Non-Toxic
  • Wick: 100% Cotton Wick
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