12oz Mug - Plum Ombre
12oz Mug - Plum Ombre

12oz Mug - Plum Ombre

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The Goldilocks of mugs: It's not too big, and not too small. The smooth, gentle curve is perfect for wrapping your hands around as you lift the first fragrant, steaming cup of coffee to your face each morning. 

Hand thrown porcelain with painted underglaze and a high gloss exterior glaze.

Approximately 3.5" tall and 2.75" in diameter. Holds about 12oz.

Is it me or do these look a little different?
Good eye! The color on these mugs burnt out in the kiln more than usual, which really highlighted the brushstrokes. They're still glossy and smooth, but the color under the glaze is much more textured in appearance than the previous Plum Mugs, or even than the Plum vases and votives in this batch. Sometimes what happens in a 2000° kiln is a mystery!


Because I make each piece by hand, no two will be identical. Sisters rather than twins. You'll notice the difference in these images: a wobble in the black line, different swirling brush patterns in the color, slight variations in height and proportion.