Took my Red Sea mug out for a walk in Coupeville, WA

There are only so many sunny days in a Pacific Northwest fall, and I try to take advantage of every one of them. So today I took a few of my mugs for a walk and a little photoshoot.

Red Sea mug on wooden rail.There's a great deck with views overlooking Penn Cove and that I thought would make a great background for some mug photos. Turns out the red door of the Little Red Hen bakery and the red siding of the Toby's Tavern were a great backdrop for the red highlights of this Red Sea mug.
Red Sea mug with red siding backdrop.
Plus, lots of beautiful foliage on the bluff. Think I'm going back to take more pictures. It's pretty great to live in this damp paradise with all these old buildings and beautiful places.
Red Sea mug on wooden rail.
You can buy this mug here if it calls to you. There's some interesting depth in the overlapping red and grey brushstrokes.