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Gifts to Grow in: Planters & Vases

Tabletop Arrangements 'Tis the season for fragrant florals, bright pops of color and an interior refresh! We just made a new batch of swoon-worthy sunset Ombré vases (pictured below) and are stocking plenty of Line & Color Block vases in our spring color ways. Get yourself a fresh bouquet to go with your handmade ceramic vase.    SHOP VASES Plants + Pottery Or maybe you're a plant person? We’ve got you covered with new Line & Color Block planters in stock, along with some Ombre beauties. Pop in a bright tropical or create your own combination and you have the perfect addition to adorn any space!    SHOP PLANTERS

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I Used to Be An Interior Designer ...

... but when I was getting my degree, I had an instructor say to me "I bet you'll find a way to combine your passion for interior design and clay." And I think I've finally found a way to do that. When I started making pots, I immediately knew I wanted to make simple dinnerware. Nothing you'd consider "fine art". Definitely functional pottery. But it took me a long time to convince myself this was a worthwhile pursuit.  You see, when I sit down to throw a batch of vases or cups, I feel deeply peaceful. And I want the things I make to cary that peace out into the wider world, and eventually into your home. I think I've figured out how...

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